Myrna Loy in Suit & Tie

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Were you to ask me who my favorite actress is and if I were foolish enough to answer I might say Myrna Loy.

When I watch her movies I feel that she’d - I know these are roles, that she is acting - be swell to hang out with. Even to marry. But I know I’m not in that class.

I don’t know who my favorite actress is. Jamie Murray? Diana Rigg?

It depends on the context of the question, what the actress is doing in her perfomance, the aberrations of my memory and vissitudes of my taste.

Given my love for androgyny I was delighted to discover these to photographs of Myra Loy in suit and tie.



For contrast a photograph of Myrna Loy in a different mode.


Who’s your favorite film star?

Your feelings?

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Myrna Loy in Suit & Tie
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