Naked men Snowbound in Sodom

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Well you know how this pansexual sodomite likes to show book covers with the word sodom in the title. Obviously this isn't the Biblical Sodom, don't think it snows over there. A little of the line work isn't bad but overall the effect isn't much. And that face floating in the background is a 70s effect I've never liked.

Snowbound in Sodom

I wouldn't feel the least bit romantic if I were nude in the snow myself.

Unthinkingly I did post a sodomitical paperback cover elsewhere: When the roll is called in Sodom, I'll be there. Not that you are really apt to care but I have these trivial compulsions.


As a life long Alaskan please let me point out.

A. I have been naked in the snow. B. It was, very romantic.

It snowed five inches back in Savannah once. Here in Durham it snows just enough to cause traffic problems. Don’t know if I’ve even been around enough snow to get naked in.

And as a Southern boy it still sounds intimidating.

Happy New Year to all you pansexual sodomites. Has a much nicer ring than, say, diverse homosexualists.

I like the drawing on Snowbound’s cover except for that stupid face floating like the Chesire cat.

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Pansexual Sodomite
Naked men Snowbound in Sodom
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