Nostalgia for the trangressive

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Tommorows man magazine cover

It really wasn't that long ago this sort of predecessor to Men's Health were an American gay man's erotic entertainment. Actually a few years ago I remember spotting one in the supermarket that was obviously being produced for the pleasure of guys who like to look young hard-bodied men (most of you). The accompanying text was minimal and the faces were much nicer than you'd see in a Mr. Olympia contest. I'm not mocking the magazine; at least it could easily be found and bought. The half-dozen dull mainstream gay magazines you can buy at Barnes and Noble are all you can find in Durham, NC.

Male classics paperback

These old posing strap books were as hot and steamy as it ever got. You know some people say they miss those days. Well if you've been missing a sense of gay sexuality as transgressive I hope you are enjoying 2004. Some things make seem exciting in hindsight but you really wouldn't want to have lived then.

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Nostalgia for the trangressive
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