Old gay porn paperbacks

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When I was looking for early gay paperback covers I saved those of a few porn paperbacks.

Gay porn paperback: The Gay Whores

Gay porn paperback: Nazi Slave

Gay porn paperback: Devil's Phallus


depravity is so attractive.

Interesting site! I’d like to find out where to order some of those gay paperbacks on the ‘net… ideas? Maybe the name of a publisher or two?

Thanks a lot, Hank

The old gay porn paperbacks are usually sold at auction for sometimes substantial prices. If you are just looking to read old gay porn novels some of the old Greenleaf Classics have been available for download (and a small fee for a long time



I didn’t know such books even existed. Shows what I know. I’m a straight baptist, but I found the site interesting, and no, I wont try to save your soul. It’s people like you who keep life exciting.

homosexuality is a conspiracy from the minds of chairman Mao, capernicus, Constantine, and that motherfucker Freud. They all did each oither in quite closets, at a neutral time in history that can be accesed by alien abduction.

hmmm…that “Devil’s Phallus” looks like a good read. Erotic novels sometimes are very good literature, it just really hard to find the brilliant work in the midst of all of the cheesy stuff

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Old gay porn paperbacks
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