Old transvestite paperbacks

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Without much luck Iíve long searched for images from old books and magazines of obviously gay and transgendered males. I found these two a few years ago.

Old gay paperback cover: Transvestite

Possibly the artist who drew the cover of Transvestite had never seen a transvestite. Clearly it is a genetic girl. Transsexuals had yet to be part of the popular imagination back then so I donít think she is a Ďshe-male.í Considering the hardcore thriftiness of sleazy paperback publishers it was probably intended for a heterosexual sexploitation paperback that was never published. Lingerie adds to the coverís fetish appeal.

Old gay paperback cover: drag queen putting on cosmetics.

Gay people werenít allowed happy endings in the early cheap gay paperback novels (of course Gordon Merrick and his ilk embarrassingly overcompensated when gay mass market novels went through their fat Harold Robbins phase). Iíve always thought the drag queen on the cover of In Drag looks bitter. A drag queen told me that she didnít think so. Iím happy to think I was a victim of my own imaginative biases.

If you have any scans of old gay paperbacks, magazines or cartoons Iíd appreciate your sending me a copy.


See also: Gay Transvestites and Gender Outsiders.


re the cover ‘transvestite’, yes! the womans a woman. but he’s checking out the stocking and fancies trying them on.

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Old transvestite paperbacks
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