Prettiest twink in comic book history

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If Emmanuel Mac Raboy had lived to see the context into which I've put his Captain Marvel, Jr. covers he'd be appalled. The lines that have dropped out from the original don't do justice to his fluid inks.

Captain Marvel Jr. is a twink

Don't care about the flag, much less saluting it. But when I was still collecting golden age comics you can't guess how badly I wanted to own it.

Cute Captain Marvel, Jr

Some people confuse pretty boys with the beauty of androgyny. When I was young I was always a sucker for an idealistic look.


Well, if what Howard Cruse told me was true, MacRaboy was gay, so maybe he’d be very happy with what you’re doing here. I know I am.


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Pansexual Sodomite
Prettiest twink in comic book history
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