Pretty feminine boy

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Blonde, pale, a litle makeup, drowsy, decadent. My idea of a sexy androgynous gay male. Like a boy from a poem by Keats come to life.

Image from On raconte que Pierre et Gilles se retrouvèrent

Androgynous male


That boy.. is beautiful.

you should be quite alarmed at finding airbrush work attractive, there’s nothing quite so attractive as genuineness. If you like more of that, the artists are “pierre et gilles” and I am sure that you can find a bookstore with a retrospective (tee hee).

Oh yeah, and he is quite penetrable.

I like artificial, highly stylized representations of guys and highly stylized guys themselves who wear frippery and makeup. But I like natural unadorned attractiveness as well. (See: ).

The first time a Pierre et Gilles compilation I thought for half a minute I might keep it. But their work is too campy for me, I quickly tire of looking at it. (I meant to mention that the picture was their work.)

Hm… where do I begin? Well, what draws me to the picture is the style, not the boy. I wouldn’t call him decadent, to me the picture says that he was discarded of, left to wither in someone’s memory, that’s why junk is strewn around him. The baby doll’s head symbolizes memories gone by, and the make-up on the boy symbolizes how everyone does a bit of acting, and how memory can alter and distort things. I think it would be wrong to only look at the subject sexually, when it’s the whole picture that should be looked at. That is all. CHOW! And don’t touch the sushi.

XOXOXO, Roxanne

If he weren’t pretty and feminine I wouldn’t have put the image up.

Pierre and Gilles, the artists probably intended it as camp as much as anyting.

People can look at an image and see anything but in most cases shouldn’t try to persuade other people to see it differently.

mmmmmm,boys!I’ve kept a close eye on them since high school.

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Pretty feminine boy
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