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I sweat I’ll find some photos of pretty guys.

I don’t know what you see on looking at the photographs below. I can only confess my own emotions.

Once upon a time girls were allowed to have imperfect teeth.

Look at that hair!

Sweet Barbie

Nowadays that nose would probably be rebuilt. At least in the US. In the UK they seem to like them just fine. Again, look at the curve of her hair.

Barbie Sexy

Once upon a time bodyfat didn’t have to be so relentlessly low nor breasts to medically, artificially high.

Pretty Barbie

Girls of the late 1960s and very early 1970s have an erotic magic for me. Their teasing smiles are as appealing as the delightful convexities of their flesh.

Pretty girls, sweetly, softly pretty women. For me much more charming than the harsh and explicit shapes of contemporary women.


You are so very correct, I agree wholeheartedly. Women of the sixties and seventies do hold a special magic for me as well!

There’s a huge trend in China now. Almost anyone who shows up on the media needs to get their eyes (ugh!) lips, nose, and jaw done. Subsequently, everyone who is anyone (if you’re on tv, you’re somebody(?)) looks exactly identical to each other. It’s like Twilight Zone. When everyone looks alike, what will beauty mean?

It is the collagen stuffed lips that get me. To me that infuses the female face with uniform uncomliness.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Pretty Girl.

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