Pure queer goodness: two guys kissing

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The meaning of the name Superdrewby baffles me. It appears to be an Australian gay website. In their twinky"Eye Candy" section they have a small gallery of "Boys Kissing." There's plenty of easily available porn. Images of loving gay guys are harder to find. Nothing wrong with joyously slutty behavior but that doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy some plain queer wholesomeness now does it?



you say the name baffles you…. well it comes form when i used to be active in message boards online and wss called Super DRew - and as my nickname is drewby it became superdrewby


I think this picture is beautiful with all the shades and color. Its a piece of real art!

i believe that this picture really is a work of art. two men together is very hard to find in this world lately. all the men think it’s wrong. i am gay. and i love my man. he’s a sweet and loving man. he is the dominate one. i love the way he treets me like a delicate flower and never man-handles me. we are like the men i this picture. he is always there for me and i know he always will be. he’s calling, good-bye.

I am a boy and I like kissing my boy friend. Infact it gives me more pleasure than kissing girl friends

It is strangely far more ‘inspirational’ to me than the myriad buggery images I’ve seen.

It really is a wonderfully image of homoerotic affection isn’t it? Much rarer than photos of sex.

I Like the pic. It ain’t bad at all. Oh yeah, and I want a boyfriend. ;_;

i think this is a great picture it shows how gay men share thier love towars one another not by just having sex but kissing

That pic is cute, I just love it. I wish I could kiss the guy I love like that all day. Well, he is all into sex, never enjoys a good moment of just kissing.

i need a boy freind cause im a gal lookin for a popsy

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Pansexual Sodomite
Pure queer goodness: two guys kissing
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