Reinventing the boys of ancient Greece

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Baron Wilhelm von Gloeden was born in 1856, near Wismar in what is now Germany. His classical education drew him to Italy and he settled in Taormina, a hillside town on the northeast coast of Sicily. In 1889, when his family allowance was interrupted, coupled with his interest in photography, the propitious gift of a view camera led him to a career in this field. He began photographing the male nude in the early 1890s, initially collaborating with his cousin Wilhelm von Plčschow, with whom he often shared models and props. (source)

wvg_nude (14K)

wvg_classicalflute (17K)

wvg_classicalpillars (12K)

wvg_portrait_boy_lilies (21K)

The last is my favorite. More photos von Gloeden


Your pictures are beautiful! Magnificant!

Hi, I love your pictures. The boys and the settings are beautiful.

Sven from Holland

I so wonder at the destruction of the vast majority of von Gloeden’s photographic plate archive - destroyed at the behest of Mussolini’s (Il Duce’s) fascist government. -

What was it that he saw on those plates that caused him to say - “No, not for my eyes or for future eyes either?”

The glass plates, holding unimaginable arcadia, are dashed to countless cutting shards. -

And, the hill or goatboy whose pliant image upon the plate proclaimed an understood rural idyll then goes to war and is then, himself, dashed amongst other dead innocents.

Interesting comments. I have just completed my Masters researching Baron von Gloeden from a Queer perspective and am about to start a PhD on Von Gloeden in the same photographic arena. Thanks, Xavier, Auckland, New Zealand.

These guys are 18ish and over right?

This is kind of wierd becuase of the models prestine adolescence this art borders on pedophilia, but based on their muscular build you see their budding masculinity.

I find them very attractive and that scares me LOL

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Reinventing the boys of ancient Greece
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