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Yesterday I read Hung a book on the popular culture and psychology - the lore - surrounding black men and penis size. I’ve sometimes wondered about how black gay men feel about being objectified for the mythology that erected about them.

I’ve seen frustration expressed in a couple of personal ads. Some surely accept it as a competitive advantage in the marketplace of hooking up.

I’m one of the few men I know of who has had a slight fetish for the small phallus. I say had because it isn’t something I think about nowadays. I didn’t see it as a mark of inferiority, certainly nothing making a male less of a ‘man.’ They just seemed pretty.

Recently on eBay I saw a headline Small Penis. The magazine below is what was being sold.

Homoerotic Japanese Magazine Cover

I doubt that was what the publisher was trying to sell.

But the eBay vendor was seeking to exploit the image of Asian men as less biologically blessed in this specialized way than other men. While I can enjoy looking at an attractive Asian guy I’ve never been a rice queen. Do some men chase after Japanese and Chinese guys because they feel it somehow emphasizes their own masculinity? I’ve read that Asian women are sought for their supposed submissiveness.

I try to never deplore anyone’s fetishes but stereotypes are wicked things.


having dated the two flagship races (blacks and italians) i can say that i have come across 2B (as in lead pencil width) and a vienna sausage. it reminds me fondly of the dance song where the chorus goes “you take a girl home from the club, and you find out she’s got a bigger one than you.”

whenever a guy wants to help him emphasize his masculinity, I simply make him spend a lot of money he doesn’t have.

i thought all respectable girls do that?

I am a pre-op transexual woman, and one of the things that turns my man on about me, other than my being a very beautiful and feminine lady (I am on estrogen, have had facial feminization surgery, breast implants, etc.), is that I have a small, (and limp by estrogen), penis, my lovely feminized “ladystick”. Handsome, masculine men who like femme gay men dressed as women, or transexual women, often prefer their feminine ladies with petite ladysticks.

Having attractions for both black and asian gay men has little to do with penis size fo me. The qualities which attract me to european, north american, american, latin american, african , and asian men (have I forgotten anyone) cross ethnicities. I love full lips, slender, lithe bodies and smoothness of skin, all of which I can find on some men of every ethnicity.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Small Penis.

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