Summer in Sodom

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Summer in Sodom

Bj* reading of my sodomite's delight in books that have Sodom in the title sent me a copy of Summer in Sodom.

The earlier book was Season in Sodom but who wants to go to Sodom in the winter or fall? Summer is when the guys will have their shirts off.

Ted Randall is a square Joe from Anytown, USA (once famous when zip codes were first introduced). Ted's dilemma as the back cover eloquently explained is whether he should "give his lean, hard-muscled body to a woman or be enslaved by the overpowering masculinity of a hot-blooded male." You've been there yourself, right? Well considering my readership I guess you opted for a h-b m the moment you had a chance.

Nowadays anybody who really felt that way would go for both. Poor Ted feels that his abnormal love means he's not all man. Maybe he wasn't: Ted wimps out and goes back to Anytown without taken advantage of either pleasures.

I think I actually read this book when I was sharing a house with somebody who had a bunch of morose pre-Stonewall (1964) gay fiction. At best they were cheap knockoffs of Gore Vidal's The City and the Pillar which I never liked.

I'm sure you'd rather read Rob Byrnes' Trust Fund Boys.

* Congratulations on the mention in Unzipped.

If you have an interest in old and questionable gay paperback cover I post them often on Queer Pop Culture.


Well I remember reading Vidal early on, and I drew a great deal of resentment for the weak/sadistic/whatever gay characters he felt it necessary to portray. The rape scene was and is so antithetical to my philosophy on happiness and what it is to be with another man in the family way.

But then again, books like these were the ones I could slip into my pile at the used bookstore without exciting comment, and I could jack off endlessly to the occasional scenes that either their authors granted us, or that I would develop in my own mind as I read.

Is there a way to use trackback to let me know when someone comments here? I still ahven’t figured out entirely how to use the system.

‘summer in sodom is the explosive story of the fateful decision virile ted randall had to make - to give his lean hard-muscled body to a woman (no!), or be enslaved by the overpowering masculinity of a hot blooded male (yes!)’.

that’s about as far as i got. heh heh

Of Vidal’s novels I liked Messiah best followed by Julian. Never cared for the rest. I stopped half way through 1876 and never opened another one. I did like his essays quite a bit. Always thought they were better than his fiction.

They’ve all mostly faded from memory.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Summer in Sodom.

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