Taller, Darker, More ... ?

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Several years ago when watching gay movies I noticed a pattern that I attributed to my own sometimes slightly heterosexist homoeroticism.

In romantic pairs one guy was always taller, (at least mildly) more masculine, darker or had darker hair. The other was frailer and paler.

As the pattern continued to prove true I developed a couple of theories, both of which I suspect are sometimes true.

  • I think the people who do the casting select two leads with significantly different looks. Go out of their way to make sure they don’t seem a pair of clones. Makers of heterosexual movies already have the difference of gender.
  • There is a species of gay romantic film where the star is also writer director and producer. It is hard to say which is more exiguous: the budget or the skill of the actors. When the filmmaker chooses the actor to play his partner he chooses someone who matches his fantasies.

I just finished Boys Life 6. The first three shorts matched my premise neatly. The pair in the fourth did have different hair color but I wouldn’t have noticed if the first three hadn’t had me watching.

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Pansexual Sodomite
Taller, Darker, More ... ?
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