The bejeweled penis

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Oh the shame of it all. I’ve been a practicing pansexual for a goodish time. I have five (I think) sexually themed weblogs. Woefully ignorant I prove on the subject of penis jewelry.

Take the penislet, sort of a beaded bracelet for the cock. Back in the day when fey boys were the center of my life I might’ve found one on the base of a lad’s penis rather pretty (who knows maybe I’d have laughed). Photos show penislets worn just below the glans.

Penis huggers are little more than nooses with teeny weights hanging from them. Drawstring cockrings. Seems the dangly little weights would probably irritate your partner, especially if they randomly pulled in and out along with your cock (irritating you as well).

Similarly a frenulum tickler is a chain that goes under the glans with a pair of crystal beads hanging down. Think my frenulum would be indifferent. Again it easy to imagine the damned beads mostly annoying your lover.

Sold gold cockrings are being sold as erotic and stimulating. Solid gold is too malleable. My call: expensive and pretentious.

It takes almost half a pound of sterling silver to make a cock spiral. Costs a grand but does make attractive, harmless penis confinement. Until your erection fades and the spiral falls to the floor.

Now the penis ring with little bells attached isn’t being sold as male slave wear. But what else could it be. Your master can’t help but laugh at the tinkling sound it makes whenever you move.

Urethral penis plugs aren’t sold as D/s toys. Here I am ashamed of my inexperience. The sensation might be interesting.

How about an amethyst stone inserted in the head of your penis?.

The spiral is the most aesthetically pleasing.


What? No pictures? No links? I don’t know what half this stuff is. Spiral?

(good to see you back)

Yeah, lazy entry. Didn’t feel like downloading or working with the images. Heck, I don’t know much of anything about this either.

It was more of a way of saying “I’m still alive” than anything.

Read this a few weeks ago, then today, found a picture and it made me think of this post.

Have never seen penis jewelry(jewelery? jewellery?), nor penis lingerie, but both sound pretty interesting. Much better than tattooing, in my opinion, which just takes away from the wonderful look of smooth, clean skin.

The thin gold chain was surprisingly attractive. Sorry I didn’t post photos or links. The lingerie in the image is very attractive I think. Thanks.

penis decorations!!! they are good to start gay talk (i’ have this*on my dick ,wanna see ?) thats it . mother nature has made our anatomy beautiful enough.

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The bejeweled penis
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