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Civilization teeters on the brink as moms and dads learn that a sluttish pop starlet has been declared the best role model girls in the UK (more power to her and the girls). I go in search for some wholesome homoerotica.

Startling photographic evidence that male homosexuality existed in the US before the invention of color television. You can't help but wonder: where were all the heterosexual people? In church? My logs tell me that folks come here looking for photos of two guys kissing, hope this one cheered your day.

These photos have been moved to Somewhere, somewhen two gay men embraced


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I absolutely love this picture. Always heard about gay men (pre-1960s), but actual pictures are just great.

The Barthean point of the photo: a model T (?) threatens to displace the anachronistic queerness of the trio.

I love this picture! I wasn’t even looking for anything vintage, but it is very heartwarming to see! My original quest was to find photos of gay men or lesbians kissing in a rather G or PG rated way. I run a website for GLBT youth, and one thing that has come up in conversation is the lack of images of “wholesome” same-sex affection in the popular media. Men and women have been kissing each other on primetime television without raising an eyebrow since the first sitcoms. Yet in the 1990s, both Ellen and Roseanne had to display parental warnings before showing fairly chaste but romantic kissing between women. Meanwhile, this decade has featured an episode of Will & Grace that entirely focused on how amazing it would be to see two men kiss on network television.

What is the source of this photograph? May I either link to this page (if it will remain) or use the photo (with credits given and a linkback) on the Phoenix Project website to help GLBT kids see images of themselves?

There is nothing I find more erotic or romantic than kissing. I just can’t find enough of these images. I’d rather see this than porn. It is personally arrousing and my favorite thing to so.

I love this picture. It makes me feel some hope. Not all gaymen are about sex. They look happy

I love this picture i have tried finding pictures of guys kissing but all i have come up with is guys kissing and then having sex well i think it is a good picture because in those days people who were gay had trouble coming out because of society

here is a great site that features guys kissing. no xxx pics here.

http://www.geocities. com/tzbaloo/index2.html

i had to put a space between geocities. and com because it wouldnt let me post it that way. but there is no space.

I think it is a great picture. My only reservation is that some people are so narrow minded and unable to accept anything different or unusual, I would fear some type of back lash or harm coming to openly touching or kissing in public. I went to a concert in Chicago last week and was pleased that many male couples were holding hands or sitting with their arms around their partners either walking or in establishments. I give you a warm feeling.

The black & white picture of the two men sitting on the end of the pump island at the Texaco station and kissing each other is romantic, a lot more pleasant to look at than two breeders kissing.

Hetero “romance” is constantly crammed down our throats in all kinds of advertizing, movies, TV shows, etc. and is a dime a dozen and no more pleasent or attractive to look at than two dogs screwing in the gutter.

The sight of two men showing man to man affection is very nice to look at yet the overpopulating breeders throw hysterical fits if one picture of two men kissing ever gets shown.

i think this picture is a really good and for people who are gay and have very intimate feelings they should be welcome. Gays please be yourself and enjoy what life has to bring! Be gay, be true, be independent, be YOU! Love Me xxx

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