Young Guys With Long Hair

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I don’t intend to turn this into an erotic photography site but while I’m not feeling bright enough to write anything I figure some homoerotic and heteroerotic photographs won’t hurt.

There are plenty of photos I find more sexually enthralling were I willing to go look for them. This young man I found buried in a folder. I downloaded it years ago.

Long haired youth of the 1970d

Nice slender both, though more muscular that I would’ve cared for back in the 1970s when it was taken. I was most fond of young men without muscle or fat: just bones and pale skin.

That it is from that decade is a strong part of the appeal.

Guys with long hair. How much I loved - still love - to look at them. Even butch guys. I can’t say why - but it makes sense given my age - nothing is more sexually enthralling in a male than shoulder length or longer hair.


I came out in 1979—I still get weak in the knees when I see a somewhat femme guy with long hair. I can’t forget some of the men I first met when I was 22.

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Young Guys With Long Hair
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