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No real justification for posting this image of a young man under the sheets other than my surprise that I've never heard of Nick Bakes before. And Google doesn't yield any information. Bakes specializes in images of clean cut guys.

Nick Bakes painting of a young man in bed

More Nick Bakes.


I love art in all forms. Nick’s talent is exquisite!

Agree. Try “Nick Backes”

Nick Backes gets me an illustrator of books for young girls. The more I thought about it the surer I am I’ve seen his work on paperback covers in my shop. Wonder what became of him.

I love those pictures…can you please help me to find out something? If you click on More Nick Bakes above there are a lot of so great pictures. Are they only irreal or actually are those guys “models”? And if yes, the third line, the second picture, this guy is so amazing…is he a model or just an inspiration of Nick? Thank you for your help to find out, till then I am dreaming of this guy.. dan

I don’t doubt there were models used. How much he transformed what he was with his eyes into what he pictured in his mind would be hard to say without being able to see photos of the guys.

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Young man in bed
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