Alex Cohen (gay artist?)

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Gay male art by Alex Cohen

I discovered this image of a blonde youth some time back and have Googled on and off hoping to discover more about Alex Cohen the artist. No luck. If you have any information to share please leave a comment. The style reminds me of an animation cell but that probably just betrays my ignorance of the technical details of the medium used.


Found you when I was looking for more Alex Cohen Paintings. I have the one you posted here + 2 others but haven’t found any info on the artist. Jason

Tried Google searches myself without any luck in learning anything about a queer artist named Alex Cohen or finding other examples of his artwork.

A dozen of cohen’s drawings 2000-2001 were on “ or” but te adress is out of order. You are said now”coming back soon” with adress “” ??? Drawings were wonderful: young studs and fucking couples (usually a blonde buck and his master: Aztec warrior, Minotaurus, “werwolf”-sorry, I don’t know the english word, half-man half-woolf- etc. Unfortunately, i have only three.

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Pansexual Sodomite
Alex Cohen (gay artist?)
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