Bad Boys in the Band

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Not counting a few Italian homoerotic art movies Boys in the Band was for many years the only gay movie I’d seen. (Really I just started to get caught up a few years ago.) Wonder if Mart Crowley ever saw this abuse of his title.

Don’t think I’ve seen a rock star who looked anything quite like that even with his clothes on. What a creepy smile he has.

Bad Boys in the Band

Oddly Boys in the Band isn’t available on DVD. Here’s the cover of the old VHS.

Boys in the Band on VHS

And here’s an different package with featuring the birthday present.

Male Hustler from Boys in the Band

I read the play last year. It was just as disheartening but probably honest for the time that produced it. It was only in looking around for covers of the movie or book that I discovered that Crowley wrote a sequel, The Men From the Boys.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Bad Boys in the Band.

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Bad Boys in the Band
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