Blondes in white shoes

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Blonde youths in white shoes

Very Aryan looking aren't they? I'm probably too ignorant of gay photography. Are these blonde ones famous? Is the photographer? A kind friend wanted to share some lovely homoerotic images and sent me this (and a few hundred other drawings and photographs). I can't help but suspect that I'm seeing something knew to me but a cliché to you.

The two young men are a bit stiff-necked. For me it is the white shoes that add the needful touch of humor that makes the photo work.


Those are the Brewer twins:

They posed in some very provacative photos together when they were younger; the picture you show is one of them. In the last few years they have been trying to distance themselves from that and have apparently now pose for more mainstream fashion-type photos.

I’ve looked at photos of the Brewer boys. Not for a time though. I like the earlier pictures; they were much gentler as I remember them. Did see some of their fashion photographs but it was too cold for me. As the image I reproduced would be if it weren’t for the shoes.

I can only blush to have shown such ignorance of such famous guys.

You may have seen the Brewer twins recently in the Old Navy 10th Anniversary commercial, dancing to “The Hustle” while they flanked Morgan Fairchild. She rated them a “20.” The Brewer Twins have become rather passe, as the current hunky model twins are the Carlson Twins, best known for their work for Abercrombie but also seen a while back in Out magazine. - you’ll notice the creepy Aryan perfection here too.

I’d never heard of the Carlson Twins. Or if I had they are so generically attractive that their names and likenesses went straight out of memory.

I was thinking that somewhere I’d seen another pair of young blonde twins, sort of Brewer Twins clones.


Yeah, those are the Brewer twins. It seems like there’s always a new crop of male twins, in the fashion industry, at some point, in time.

First, it was the Brewer twins, which at the peak of thier career, were the hottest male models, at that time (late 90’s, to be exact). Now, the new “it” twins are the Carlson twins, however, they’ve fizzled out, as of late, so right now there’s going to be a new crop of twins popping up, pretty soon.

There’s been some other famous, male model, twins, but I can’t think of thier names, right now. But watch, I guarantee you there will be a new, hot, twin duo (in terms of male models), coming soon. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, lol.

I’m thinking I did run across another pair of blond youths. I’m not plugged in enough to the popular media to know who is hot or not (I’d never heard of the Carlson boys). Probably the guys I ran across never got their fifteen minutes of fame (do twins have to split that to 7.5 minutes each?).

I’d be looking for swishy, limp-wristed gay twins anyway.

Your feelings?

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Blondes in white shoes
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