Coming Out II

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Another couple of covers that exploit gay men’s coming out of the closet.

Cummin’ Out isn’t even minimally imaginative. I’m sure the book was sold by its cover art and the cum was the icing as it were.

Cummin' Out

Coming Out: Eight First Homosexual Encounters sounds sincere doesn’t it? I’ve never heard of the Proctor File.

Given the slovenly artwork it is hard to judge the ages of the guys abusing the youth. We’ll assume they are college age or thereabouts.

If I weren’t a sometimes fan of the Nifty Archives authoritarian section I’d never have guessed that many gay men have actually fantasized this as their first sexual experience. While I never wanted to be abused by school jocks, frat brothers, neighborhood punks, I guess they were often the only examples of masculine beauty many young gay men had growing up.

And many gay guys do have fantasies of being taken and used by a strong butch male. Nothing wrong with that. I suspect this cover is meant to appeal to those dreams, not tell us a sad story.

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