Donnie and Clyde

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Donnie and Clyde: early gay paperback

When I went to see Bonnie & Clyde I told my parents I was going to see Walt Disney's Cinderella (which I've never seen to this day). Hard to believe a trivial bit of Sally Kellerman's could have been thought so exciting.

If Donnie and Clyde had really been a movie it wouldn't have found a venue in Savannah, GA even if it had been rated PG.

Bullets Banjos Baskets Buddies

I like honky-tonk music but would happily pass on the banjos. Not to mention the bullets.

I'd forgotten about the use of buddies as a code word for covert queer inclinations. I think it still survives among the deplorably closeted bisexual men of the chatrooms and instant messages.

I can't remember the rumors that persist about Clyde Barrow: impotent, gay - impotent because he was gay and living with a woman?

Given the some of the gay movies of late I wouldn't be surprised to discover that someone had bought the name Donnie and Clyde and it is available on DVD.

You have to give them and "E for Effort."


Ummm it is a movie… just wrapped shooting it. It’s a 30 minute short being done by Homo Thug productions in NYC.

Your feelings?

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Donnie and Clyde
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