Gay Apprentices (secrets of the Gay Agenda)

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Mark convinced Jeffrey that only a fine line divided straights from gays. Then he helped him cross it.

I’m probably going to get into trouble with the queer mafia behind the Gay Agenda in disclosing the apprentice system we homosexual recruiters use for inducting previously straight males into the homosexual lifestyle.

What better place to begin their transition from god-fearing family lovers into selfish hedonists than in the shower at a locker room or gym. There they can’t escape the terrifying truth that the male body can be quite beautiful.

Of course the process of queer conversion requires much fore planning. We’ve had to get gay geography teachers into high schools. Infiltrate the Roman Catholic clergy with sodomites. So many queers devote themselves tirelessly to the effort of converting straight men. But I like to think that at the moment they make the man cross over into his new deviant lifestyle they feel they have their reward.

You may know how the Gay Agenda works but we’ll get you next anyway.

Gay Apprentice


The “fine line between straight and gay” made me laugh out loud, even though I’ve been guilty of feeling that there’s some weird kind of “plot” for the past several months since my husband came out to me. It’s very difficult, when your world is revealed to you as completely different from what you thought it was, to not get paranoid… not to feel as though somewhere, some adorable gay guy is congratulating himself on adding one more to the home team …

I know it’s irrational, but there you go. Yet I suppose we all have “agendas,” yes? The Democratic agenda, the religious right agenda, the middleclass agenda. I can’t actually imagine WHY there would be a gay agenda—I mean, to what final purpose—but it’s easy to be afraid of what you can’t control I guess.

Anyway happy new year.

The Gay Agenda:

I was quite intrigued to find something on this topic, as I admit to searching for it over the years. I find it fascinating that there are men who have a distinct desire of targeting, recruiting and ultimately converting straight men to being gay. There is probably no hotter feeling than “breaking” a man in this way. I’m no longer straight, but not fully gay. I do have desires to be in the presense of a man or men who know just how to get in the mind and use skilled tacticts to convert. I live in So. California and welcome contact from anyone that might be interested in learning more about men like me.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Gay Apprentices (secrets of the Gay Agenda).

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Gay Apprentices (secrets of the Gay Agenda)
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