Larry Townsend's Leather Ad

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When long ago I skimmed through The Leatherman’s Handbook I had no idea that Larry Townsend would turn out to be one of the sanest voices in the queer leather community. I never saw any of the Greenleaf Classics Leather Ad series, I’m assuming it was a specialized gay personal ad publication, whether book or magazine is hard to judge from the scan (that I ran across I can’t remember where).

Larry Townsend's Leather Ad


I can’t tell you much about this particular book, other than it was a novel, in 2 parts, in fact - Leather Ad V1: M and V2: S. But this particular edition, this oversized paperback form Greenleaf is quite interesting. They are all exactly 195 pages, measure 7-3/4 x 5-1/4, and you actually flip the book over from the cover, and begin reading from the back cover into the book. I bought about a dozen some moths ago, and while selling some, was wise enough to keep a few, including another one from Townsend, THE GOOSER.

I haven’t seen a Greenleaf book since they originally came out. The ones I remember were a mix of na´ve romance and sex. Being a naively romantic, just out young queer I thought they were pretty charming. My memory says they had full color covers which doesn’t match the cover reproductions I’ve seen on the web.

Though I don’t (yet) watch porn I do drop by your site on and off because of the healthy enthusiasm you bring to your own enjoyment of it.

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Larry Townsend's Leather Ad
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