Making the Jock

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I’ve been puzzled by this old queer paperback cover for some time.

For a long time I thought the mysterious figure in the background was holding a whip. And thought he looked something like someone out of an old sword and sandal or sorcery novel.

Finally I realized the man is holding an automatic rifle.

Discerning that the jock’s shirt probably says Olympics it began to sort of fall together.

My guess is that the novel takes place at an Olympics somewhere overseas. My guess would be the Middle East and the mystery man in the back is either a terrorist or freedom fighter (which is determined by your political sympathies).

Now it could be that the jock is kidnapped and sold to a wealthy sheik to become part of the latter’s male harem. My reading of the Nifty archives shows that more common fantasy than I’d ever guess. Perhaps the jock falls in love with the swarthy man and helps him defeat evil. Or something completely different. No way to know.

The outline of the jock’s underwear suggests that his balls are so big he needs to visit his doctor. He’s not on steroids anyway.

Making the Jock


I actually still have this book in my file of author comp copies; if and when I get a spare minute, I’ll dig it out, give a quick look through and, maybe, provide you with a synopsis of the plot — with hopes that whatever it is, it won’t ruin your fantasies. Wish I could remember without heading “to the trunk” for the copy, but I’ve written so many before, then, and since, that I have trouble keeping track of all the plots myself.

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