Meat Packaging

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Never have been lucky enough to be involved with the sleazy side of ‘queer’ publishing I can only guess what suppositions and realities guided the art directors in deciding when to not display the penis. Various strategies were employed to enforce the idea of its presence or to leave it only indirectly viewable.

Perhaps their discretion allowed them a broader range of distribution. Maybe they were just afraid of doing very directly to jail.

Well Hung Up’s hose, though not the fire hose of cliché implies there’s plenty we aren’t seeing.

Well Hung Up

Hung Straight, indeed he appears to be, isn’t at all imaginative. I doubt any man in his position has draped himself with a handkerchief. Reminds me of those silly movies where people make love under a blanket while in the privacy of their own bed.

Hung Straight

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Meat Packaging
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