Michelangelo's David

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The most famous buff boy of the Renaissance returns to the light of day at the conclusion of one of the most controversial art restoration projects of recent times. Way back when I came out this was one of the few nude bodies I could look at. I even thought about buying a miniature reproduction. I'm glad I didn't but I do wonder how many gay men of earlier generations collected copies of David and classical statuary.

Michaelangelo'ss David

David is given his first wash in 130 years


Iím glad I didnít

Just curious: Why?

Probably I associate having something ‘safe’ around like the statue of David with the closeted gay men of the generation just prior to mine. I came out post-Stonewall, pre-AIDS. A gut reaction with no real logic behind it.

Your feelings?

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Michelangelo's David
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