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Well everybody just knows that all male ballet dancers are gay, right? That makeup and those tight, tight see-through pants. Who else would want to put their crotch on public display? Just look at Nijinksy and Nureyev!

If McFadden-Bartell ever published a good book or magazine in its decades long history that amazing fact has been buried by the house's commitment to whatever cheap junk it could get for cheap. I used to go out of my way to find their science fiction but only because for a time I was looking for the worst I could find.


Good morning! I know that most people think that male ‘ballerina’s are gay, but are there any lesbian ballerinas? I mean, I know there must be, but it widely acknowledged? This is a hard thing to answer. But that you know of, are most ballerinas straight? Lydia

No reason to assume there isn’t a full spectrum of sexuality among ballet dancers just as with truck drivers and nuclear physicists.

You’ve really spending too much time contemplating your homosexuality, or making something of it, that it’s not. Throughout history, it has been males that have formed cults of beauty, mystified the feminine, and generally adorned themselves with feathers and danced around blazing fires, howling at the moon and the stars. Older men have constantly sought out young males for companionship, emotional bonding, and more often then not, sexual release. Modern industrial society, which creates leisure time and access to personal sanitation, extended the pursuit of personal sexual gratification to the untold masses, and made homosexuality an option for others outside the social elite. So what? As John Lennon explained to Stuart Suttcliffe, “It’s all dick!”


This site is just a way for me to amuse myself. Not that I’ve had much time for it the last few months.

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