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I might've missed this if it hadn't come in with a bunch of more contemporary and obviously gay novels.

Set in 18th century Holland you Steen is in love with Jan described "a young Dionysus" (a drunk?). The catch? Steen's brother Moenan is a member of the local Inquisition and a wicked Cardinal as sworn to rid the world of the "vices of young boys." (Sounds like a friend of Pope John Paul II doesn't it?).

I don't know how gay men were expected to spot My Brother's Image. Normally to be fair it would've been a young man and woman on the horse. A painting of two guys so mounted isn't very suggestive.

I wonder if there's much other buried gay historical fiction? Almost all of what I've seen is late 19th to early 20th century: Oscar Wilde, Bosie, green carnations, The Yellow Book. I could easily imagine converting the Knights of the Round Table: Guinevere would become a young twink, Lancelot a gymbot, King Arthur a bear. Sounds like a bad porn movie doesn't it?

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