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Oriental boys or Asian men? When someone told me it was more proper to say Asian or Asian-American than oriental I glided easily to using the latter. If someone has a preference it is only as polite as shaking a stranger's hand (not that I've always done that gladly). Besides in academic parlance oriental means the Ancient Near East, Mesopotamia: Sumer and Akkad.

I've never been a rice queen (never known one either but I'm sure they exist as all possible erotic specializations must). Had I been given examples of lovely Asian youth maybe I would've been.

It was only a few days ago that I learned there as a magazine devoted to admiring the loveliness of the Asian male.

OG Magzine

Surely my own erotic orientation comes into play. Oblivious to the armpit hair, the underwear I see a pouting face. Someone raised in Hong Kong may see the “fresh-flesh” as a tough masculine ideal to be sought after.

Oriental Guys

Well, yes, Mr. Editor, he is beautiful. Wouldn't you like to take your long Caucasian arms and hold him against your hairy chest? Pose and expression would make him a tender looking lad whatever his race.

Oriental Guys Magazine

V-shaped torso, six pack: what a man? What I see are those long black lashes.

I'm just a hapless honky ignoring the differences in genetic heritage and seeing Asian young men the way I want to. What semioticians call readerly (is there “viewerly”?).

It is a bit of interesting queer culture that as there are magazines for admiring the musclebound and twinks there has been one for enjoying looking at men born in a certain portion of the world.

As long as your mind isn't confused by what your inner eye sees there's no harm in it.


Cute article about “OG.” Sensual and witty. As a gay, Filipino Jew, I am also impressed by the honest attempts to bring diversity (without sounding too cliche) into the greater gay community :-)

—Robert B. South San Francisco, California United States

That’s my taste right there…He is absolutely gorgeous!

Since you say “he” I figure you have a favorite. Which guy?

The last picture. I love his boyishly beautiful face and long serpentine torso. Downright Immaculent…I have a certain affinity for Asian male models…

I’d swear that when I first posted this I liked the first one best. But now it is number two.

Maybe next month it will be number three.

It seems as thought these different pictures showcase a differemt mood of erotica. I think its easy to change preference because they are all equally attractive but in a different light. For example, the first one is kind of shadowy and dark while the second one looks very candid and open.

Lovely to come upon these beauties - which I did by way of your pic of Frey’s Kissing youths. There’s such an appeal to the Chinese and Japanese (and Korean) male, though unusually these guys’ hair is tidy and not sticking up all over the place. I wonder if OG is still available somewhere . . ?

Do you know where can I see more covers of this magazine? Going even further, do you know an internet site where I can see the content of Oriental Guys magazine? Thanks in advance,


I have a collection of the fabulous OG magazines in good condition . 9 issues from 1991 to 2000 does anyone know of a market for these ?

That is why God created eBay.

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