Queer goodness: two boys kissing

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Having bought another computer I don't have a place to plug in my scanner. So I'll start on a project I've been meaning to attend to. Transferring images from my Edifying Spectacle website to this one (the other's bandwidth is often taxed to its limit).

Photo of two gay men kissing

There's plenty of easily available gay erotica. Images of loving gay guys are harder to find. Nothing wrong with joyously slutty behavior but that doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy some plain queer wholesomeness now does it?


I think its good that people can express themselves especially worldwide. Some people don’t understand what it’s like to be gay and are totally against. I think if you are ready to come out then why not it’s you and if other people can’t take them then fuck them! It’s not there life.

Yeaoww!! I put that pic on my xanga!! :) I luv it! awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

i found this really good link..it made me feel all warm and fuzzy…::sigh::


yeah I think there’s something about this kinda pictures that turns me in a good way better than those hardcore action pics. any idea where i can get more pics of guys kissing n being affectionate n all?

Pictures this likeable are hard to find.

I never saw what the problem was. I think gay guys are cute. Im a hetro girl with a girly boyfriend of 4 years and i think if a guy came on to him i would wet myself with joy. honestly, whatever flips ur shutter.

> O

Believe me, the ones with the problem are those who dont know what they want in life.

i really love this picture. im female, completely straight. but there’s just something about boys kissing that i find beautiful. definatly a big turn on. but i find it so hard to look up guys kissing and not find porn. please post more

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This is the most passionate, loving and sexy kiss photograph I have seen between two men. I love this photograph and leaves a person imagining what is to come next. Leaving something to the imagination is always good.

This is beautiful.

I adore you. Just thought I’d let you know. I have a fetish w/ guys on guys.

I think its beautiful that people can come out like this and the pic is……………………….cant explain the love

p.s i wish i had enough confidence…(sigh) soon to join ??????

Rock on! Love is love, and nothing should ever come between that. I support you all the way. ♥

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Queer goodness: two boys kissing
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