Queer lad among his toys

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Those really were the days my friend. Gay guys could be out (well, I was) and HIV did not exist. No one had AIDS.

Cover of In Touch magazine from early 70s

Perhaps you are saying the young man on the cover of In Touch (which I'd heard of but never bought) is wearing such silly clothes.

Partly that is a matter of chronology. One generation's fashion often looks odd to the next. Though the contemporary generation of queer men wear such pedestrian clothing that they'll just look as joe average as they are hoping to those born now. Who may despise them for it as we did back then.

I knew queer boys who dressed like that. Bless their hearts. This is part of that short warp in American sensibility when even straight people wore colorful clothes.

Now everyone shops at Wal-Mart or the mall (and just how distinctive is A&F?).

Don't those slippers look comfy?

Now if his hair fluffed up just a trifle more.

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Pansexual Sodomite
Queer lad among his toys
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