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I’d never heard of Sadao Hasegawa until someone mention him in a comment. Looking around the web this was the image that struck me most strongly (my search was hardly exhaustive).

He looks appealingly wild and androgynous and has hint of all sorts of maleficent potentialities.

Androgynous godling


I really like this one. I love the supernatural divine context we places these men in. Each character has a surreal, divine dimension of his own. Like a sexual mythology, where each god has reign over an elemental force shaping the world

Godling or demon?

I’m really glad I came across this image very quickly when your mention sent me looking. Much of the work I can admire in a detached way but they don’t stir me. And the creature above certainly warms the blood.

If you would like, I have some more of his pictures saved to my computer. I wouldn’t mind sending you some more.

Alex(andra) doesn’t mind if I look at erotica (indeed I showed her this) but mostly I don’t have a strong urge to. I still put artwork on the kink blog we first “met” on but that is as much for the readers.

Many thanks.

Mysterious image, this, full of hints at deeper meaning. There’s more of Hasegawa Sadao on view at Hirano Go is great too, mostly couples.

I think Sadao draws a lot from Hindu Illustrations where every object and animal pictured is a metaphor pertaining to the subject’s qualities. I can’t tell you what the dead goose means (lol) but I’m sure it represents something.

Oh yeah, I really like Goh’s work also it looks like “The Ancient Art of Sex”. Kind of like an oriental kamasutra for gay men. Mishima is also from the same school but he has a more twisted approach, dives more in BDSM, Forcing, and other Extreme Sport.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Sadao Hasegawa.

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