Somewhere, somewhen two gay men embraced

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Somewhere sitting in a gas station two gay men put there arms about one another.

Two men kissing

Looks like middle-America Anytown, USA doesn't it?

Two guys kissing

Where were they, when were they? Did they know everbody else in town was in church and they could kiss in public without fear of reprisal?


I love old photos like this. They’re so mysterious. Are they really kissing? And if they are— what are the circumstances? Chances are that we’re not seeing an actual photograph of circa-1940s gay men. But who knows? Without being able to talk to the people in the photograph, I suppose we’ll never know.

Good for them!!! That’s awesome that they didn’t care about what other people thought!! As long as they had true happiness!!! I respect them! D

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Pansexual Sodomite
Somewhere, somewhen two gay men embraced
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