Sophomore Meat: A Jock Book

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Years ago gay erotic paperback fiction had chaste covers. Even in stores that sold less subtle straight stuff. If it weren't for the publisher's packaging we might not be able go guess what the baseball player and wrestler were up to even with the bulge.

I'm not foolish enough to bitch about modern publishers use of photographs but it'd be nice to see a few gay books with painted and drawn covers nowadays.

Cover of Sophomore Meat

If you have any vintage covers or early queer illustrations to share they'll be greatly appreciated.


of course eBay is a great source for vintage books - and I spend (way too much) time on there each day looking (and downloading cover art). In fact, i am keeping my eye on an auction of a - Larry Townsend book (- heres the cover) - that you mentioned recently - another guy has a bunch up for sale (too expensive, but some good cover art) —- here…..

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Sophomore Meat: A Jock Book
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