Stereotypical images of gay males

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Early American gay magazine called The Bachelor

I've been on a sporadic quest for early images of gay men. That is, guys who look gay, queer, faggy, whathaveyou.

You like your men butch, built and buff. I like mine frail and gentle. No, I don't mean pretty boys or twinks. Not that I'm unappreciative of either as eye candy.

The nelly flamers irk you. The pixie dust that follows in their wake dazzles me.

Perhaps a guy with a limp wrist shames you (guilt by association). I want to wrap myself around that wrist and purr.

For a very long time I've loved feminine gay men. Recidivist heterosexualism perhaps. Your sissyphobia perhaps. Or perhaps a gay man who swishes about takes social risks the invisibly gay man (like myself) never knows.

My erotic bias started my search for drawings, photos, cartoons, dust jackets featuring guys who look gay. I'm not looking for erotica (that'd be fine but I doubt there's ever been any queer erotica that features sissified gay men). Nor yaoi drawings, too recent, really an importation of Japanese girls romance comic books.

For me it is a forgotten sliver of queer history. Some of it produced by us, the rest of it made by indifferent, even homophobic producers of old heterosexual pop culture. I'm not expecting to find early celebrations of queer male androgyny. Heterosexist stereotyping is a part of queer cultural history.

So if you should run across an old paperback cover of a effeminate gay guy, cartoon of a painted boy please send it or the hyperlink my way.


I am delighted to have found someone with my taste:men wearing openly makeup, even lots of it. No drag queens. No, real men, but effeminate. I use makeup daily and get a kick out of it. I am pleased that this is finally more becoming mainstream. Please answer this E-mail, as I am dying to have an exchange of ideas about this. Yours, F.B.

I don’t think it is becoming more mainstream. I’m just writing about my own appreciation and pleasure in a certain type of gay male.

I’ve written my own celebration of the feminine gay man: Nelly gay guys (and the history of my love for them).

its so awesome the way you express your love for feminine gay guys with that style of words :) :) Im jealous! pouts

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Stereotypical images of gay males
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