Strange Marriage

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Before James Hansen was was writing his lucrative series of Dave Brandstetter mysteries he used the pseudonym James Colton. The cover tells us that a virile homosexual's (is there any other kind?) passion takes on “weird shapes” when he meets a lusty lady.

Strange Marriage by Joseph Hansen

Paperback Library offers a more entertaining cover. You can tell they are a desperate pair. I wouldn't say they are exzuding much virility but you suspect they may be weird. Maybe just uncomfortable.

Novel of gay marriage from the 60s

I don't know anything about Naked to the Night or Quatrefoil but there's no mention of a woman this time.

I've never read the novel but by all accounts it was a strange marriage indeed since one of the protagonists somehow achieves a successful marriage and his happy with his gay sexuality. Seems unlikely four decades later.

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Strange Marriage
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