Stud House

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In real life stud house is a place you go to find a male dog for breeding your pedigree pooch.

Surely there must’ve been House Stud as well as Stud House(s).

Armed with hammer and tape measure our stud at least works on houses. The house style seeks to emulate mainstream potboilers of the time so the crotch is modest by the very immodest standards of most queer paperback publishers.

Betty eye candy that most construction workers real or imagined.

Stud House gay novel

Now I like this one. The lad strikes me as more of cute bottom (well he at least has one) and the men beneath him are easily ignored. I’ve yet to learn the cover artist name but from other samples he specialized in rendering pretty boys.

Stud House a different gay novel

Stud House has been used for videos as well. Though it looks as if this man is in the big house.

Stud House the movie

And the department of demented completist brings you the pedestrian cover of In-house Stud.

In House Stud

I’d rather visit Twink House myself.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Stud House.

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