The Happy Hustlers

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While I hope many callboys are happy I had no idea there’d been two different happy hustlers in book form.

When Grant Tracy Saxon’s* memoir came out I was helping produce an early Atlanta gay newspaper, The Atlanta Barb. On the side I was a renting young men as the owner of Youngman, Incorporated.

A youth who’d read the book was so taken that he wished to emulate the author. He called me hoping for a job. I had to tell him that he didn’t meet our minimum age requirement but did agree to let him drop by and talk to him about the sex trade. A very handsome lad, he’d have been easily vendible. But I had to be firm about our policy. Not that I was so ungracious as to accept the free sample he forcibly offered. It was my first experience with frotting which proved more satisfactory than I’d anticipated.

The Happy Hustler memoir

I’ve never seen a copy of this Happy Hustler, a novel but possible as truthful as the autobiography. This is at least the third old gay paperback I’ve seen lately using the door-to-door salesman motif. Sadly I only get Jehovah’s Witnesses at my door (though I did once enjoy chasing some away by greeting them in the nude).

The Happy Hustler novel

* There was a sequel: Making Love: The Happy Hustler’s Intimate Way to Bisensual Lovemaking.

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The Happy Hustlers
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