The most beautiful Dorian Gray?

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This blonde youth strikes me as the loveliest male I’ve ever seen in the role of Dorian Gray.

Pretty Dorian Gray

Dorian faces the painting that has preserved his youth and beauty.

Painting of Dorian Gray

Hair cut Dorian sits with the wicked Lord Henry.

Dorian with Lord Henry

This strikes me as Dorian Gray would be conjured in a Marc Almond song. Surely The Picture of Dorian Gray would be a fine basis for Almond’s music. I find this image of Dorian looking bitchy and queer very seductive.

dorian_gray-michael-alteri (3K)

The actor is Michel Altieri. From what I was able to read - Google’s translation service wasn’t working well for me this morning - he appeared in an Italian musical comedy (possibly Google’s error, can’t imagine these scenes being funny anything funny).

More photos of Michel Altieri. More about the musical Il Ritratto Di Dorian Gray.


He is beautiful, I do not think in a feminine way. Although some of the pictures seem to be trying to capture his feminine aspect.

Thank You for posting this site about what and where he is preforming.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about The most beautiful Dorian Gray?.

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The most beautiful Dorian Gray?
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