The Story of Q

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The Story of Q

The Story of O was a bestseller, even a success d'estime. Queer men in general being more comfortable, or seemingly more accepting of S&M scenarios and role-playing it was natural that a gay equivalent would be published.

Very 70s cover isn't it. When I see a guy on his knees I'm sorry but I've always favored them clean-shaven.


Sorry, I’ve tried to download this story which I remember reading many years ago, one of my most erotic memories, I lent it to someone and never saw it again. Can you tell me how I can download and print a copy of The Story of Q? Thanks, Colin

I would like to obtain a copy of this story / book. Can it be downloaded or purchased anywhere?

i just got an old issue of Manifest Reader with part of the story in it. i’m also interested in how to get the full story. it doesn’t look like i can get it here, but i’d be happy to share what i have. you can contact me directly at

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The Story of Q
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