Transgendered paperback covers

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A few old paperback covers depicting transgendered people as the publishers thought the public wanted to picture them.

Don't really care much for this cover. I put it here mostly as a convenience for people who might find it interesting. My guess would be this is the typical transvestite as submissive. I do see "transexual" on the cover but wouldn't trust a sleazy paperback house to care about the fine points of genderedness.

Stockbroker's Secret Life

This "SheMale" paperback is more appealing. Could that hand be more discreetly placed? And I'll confess to a weakness for thigh high stockings. I know, I have a pedestrian and not interestingly low mind.


This is certainly an impressive cover. You know this godless fairy goddess probably fits the image many a homophobe has had in his mind when he pictures us queer folk. The poor fellow in the jacket doesn't appear to be having any fun at all does he?

Fary godlessness

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Transgendered paperback covers
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