Whee! That Man from C.A.M.P.!

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Thanks to Jeff Luther the cover of the first Man from C.A.M.P. paperback and Holiday Gay are easily seen. A kind reader sent me scans of a few other covers from the series.

Dingo Stark isn't a very campy name. Sounds like a porn pseudonym, perhaps one the author had considered and rejected.

The Man From Camp 2

In The Son Goes Down (bless him) Dingo looks like he's the dad from Dexter's Laboratory.

The Man From Camp 4

The cover to Blow the Man Down (one track mind?) we have what looks like might've been a cover commissioned for one of those old discovery of Atlantis stories that were once popular among pulp novelists.

The Man From Camp 6

Now The Gay Dogs looks like it could be a scene from Dexter's Laboratory. What is the kinky woman doing there? What muscular legs she has, is she in drag?

The Man From Camp 8

My sincerest thanks to Bachelor Boy for giving me a chance to put these high class examples of gay exploitation publishing up on the site.

An email Victor banis apprizes me that Holiday Gay, The Man from C.A.M.P., The Son Goes Down have been reprinted in an omnibus volume: That Man from C.A.M.P: Rebel Without a Pause, there's also an interview with Banis.


Ha, these book photos remind me of when I worked for Dorr Legg… the founder of the first gay orginization… one inc… first known as the mettachine. Anyway I used to work at the compound in the library and there were all these type books… old sex books like the photos shown… boy, I sure am glad the police never saw this stuff… some of the boys looked really young… like ten and stuff… what with the hysteria about a young boy’s tight butt and all! We would’ve been arrested. Anyway it was good to know that these nude “boys” were about 50 and 60 by the time I saw those photos.

Dorr Legg Also wrote a book that I typed up for him at that time… it’s called Homophile Studies I believe…

The MAN FROM C.A.M.P. was JACKIE HOLMES (no relation to John…). DINGO STARK was a rock star Jackie was trying to protect from the evil organization B.U.T.C.H. (Brotherhood United To Crush Homosexuals), which was trying to ruin his career and expose him as a (GASP!) homo!!!!! Dingo was only in COLOR HIM GAY. Jackie was of course, in all of them, as is his adorable killer POODLE!!! HA! Love the series! I hope the recent anthology of reprints of three of the adventures does well, so others can be reprinted and maybe the series can go back into production! I’d feel safer having Jackie out there defending us!

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Whee! That Man from C.A.M.P.!
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