Whipping a Hang-Up

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Whipping a Hang-Up

Could be that the pouting cutie's hang-up is that he doesn't know that he likes guys? Well I wouldn't have been hot for the stereotypical 70s hipster behind him. Guys like that mostly existed on TV. Then again I never went to any of the straight discos that were popular back then. Anybody looking that self-satisfied and groovy needs a slap in the face.

Mom, if that is what the lady with the bucks is felt differently. My own interpretation is that she wanted to liberate junior.

Clearly these guys weren't waiting for the invention of Viagra.

Cover courtsey of Bj whose ramblings are justly famous web-wide.


I would love to know how to get more pictures and stuff about being gay also would love to know how to become a picture boy for gay websites if I do not have a camera

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Pansexual Sodomite
Whipping a Hang-Up
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