Young man abed

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Drawing of a young man abed

This image of a youth asleep was credited to Jeff Davies. Almighty Google supplied no clue the artists' career and work. Sadly this is true of many homoerotic artists whose work I've tried to track down.

I don't plan to make images of lovely young men the focus of this weblog, not that anyone would object. Mostly I'm just busy and feel that having given Queer Pop Culture its own separate space I should be posting something.

I am greatly interested in discovering homoerotic artists that I don't know. Most strongly if I can point either to their own website or a gallery containing their work. In this the distinction between the erotic and pornographic is crucial. For mostly practical reasons I'm not going to make what is curiously called adult art a feature of this site (maybe another one, somewhere else). If there's a gay artist you'd like to point me to I'll appreciate it.

Words and not just images will follow, I promise.

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Young man abed
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