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What is the first song that you can recall? For me it is Andy Williams singing Moon River. Since Moon River is really Savannah River* whose name derives from my home town of Savannah, GA it might've had more airplay down there. But Andy Williams had a TV show and it was a big hit.

Williams was the last of the Crosby clones perhaps. Perry Como was his near contemporary, predecessor: relaxed, wearing a sweater. Supposedly just like you and me except he was richer, had talent and one of the best known name in the United States.

Moon River wasn't just my first heard song, I enjoyed it; I knew the lyrics. Often I've thought I'd like to own a CD by Andy Williams singing it. But I was too fearful of what I'd think of the other tracks to risk a nickel even on a cheap bargain CD.

Mentioning this to my partner, Gordon, the other day he pulled Moon River &: Other Great Movie Themes from the shop's inventory. Songs from movie soundtracks, now that is painful sounding isn't it? Overblown, windy, tortured delivery for sure.

I don't like soundtracks or show tunes but like Williams' singing of movie themes well enough. As a proper descendent of Bing Crosby he handles the lyrics with balance. If Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing is a test Andy Williams passes it.

There's no much you can do about the blasts at the opening of The Exodus Song but once they fade it is just the strings. I don't know how the arranger was but he keeps the strings in the background.

I find I like this traditional pop singer from my childhood more than I'd ever have guessed.

* The lyrics were by Savannah boy Johnny Mercer.

[Listening to: Maria - Andy Williams - (3:42)]


Morrissey does a great version of Moon River, albeit w/ slightly altered lyrics.

Andy Williams: Moon River & other great movie themes, CBS-Columbia, 1962 Arranged and conducted by Robert Mersey

Thanks for the pointers.

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Andy Williams: Moon River & other great movie themes
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