Annette Hanshaw: lovable, sweet, hot

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It Was So Beautiful: Annette Hanshaw's Last Recordings

I'm listening to my newly acquired It Was So Beautiful, a compilation of songs from the end of Annette Hanshaw's recording career.

Annette Hanshaw was one another remarkably able singer of jazz, hot pop, call it what you will. Like many gifted vocalist who started in the 1920s she seems almost self-created.

Lovable and Sweet
Lovable & Sweet

And like many of the best vocalists of the early microphone era she recorded with the best: Jack Teagarden, Benny Goodman, and the Brothers Dorsey.

Starting at sixteen she recorded for a whole eight years, retiring at twenty-four to become only a wife. A rare person who could forgo fame to simply live happily with the man she loved.

Annette Hanshaw's voice doesn't remind me of anyone else's. Like many 20s singers there clarity and innocence. The latter never seeming feigned. Equally comfortable when swinging or simply tender.

Should a CD label ever do a complete issue of her recordings I'll buy each and every one.

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Annette Hanshaw: lovable, sweet, hot
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