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Boswell Sisters Collection 1

During the 1930's a new phrase entered the musical lexicon: "the Boswell Sound." This new sound was musically intricate, innovative and optimistic--a formidable weapon to combat the Depression blues. There had never been a combination like Martha, Connie and Vet, and to this day their rhythmic sound inspires imitations and spin-offs all over the globe, influencing scores of vocal groups, soloists, arrangers and instrumentalists.

Boswell Museum

Boswell Sisters Collection 2

Definitely the most talented and arguably the all-around best jazz vocal group of all time, the Boswell Sisters parlayed their New Orleans upbringing into a swinging delivery that featured not only impossibly close harmonies, but countless maneuvers of vocal gymnastics rarely equalled on record.

The Vocal Group Hall of Fame

They were the first to use the term "Rock and Roll" in song in the 1934 movie Transatlantic Merry Go-Round.

Street Swing

Boswell Sisters Collection 3

To my ear and taste the Boswell Sisters are the best vocal harmony group of all time. I've bought CDs just to get a single track that I didn't already have. No other music compels me to that much devotion.

Boswell Sisters Collection 4

I'm not a musicologist, don't pretend to be, so I can't defend feeling that the Boswell Sisters are the greatest 'girl group' in the history of jazz and pop. I was deeply grateful to discover that while I wasn't paying attention Nostalgia Arts released a five volume of collection of the sisters' seven-year career.

Boswell Sisters Collection 5

I haven't heard half the songs on the discs. I'll be devoting many happy hours making their acquaintances.

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