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Funk Essential Boxed Set

I love syncopation from the swing bangs to Dave Clarke's Electro Boogie. I have a fair amount of 70s - 80s funk. Funk Essentials is a welcome addition.

True it does have the least surprising cuts by Curtis Mayfield and James Brown (people you don't mind having redundantly). It has introduced me to Joey Beavers and Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul. I'll confess I'd never heard of them. Don't know how much music they recorded.

Forty-eight cuts, four discs, it retails for less than $24.00 new and ought to turn up for $10 - $15 at used CD shop.

If you run across this entry and know of any obscure funk artists that you think I may have never heard of leave a comment below. Recommendations of new music are always welcome.

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