Glad to see Prince come back

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Musicology's release prompted me to start an entry on Prince that I'll hopefully finish some day. I discovered his brand of funk late in the day but became a passionate, enraptured fan.

A couple of snippets from recent press:

From a review of The Rise And Fall Of Prince by Alex Hahn, which sounds like a very flawed biography:

Certainly, Prince also brings spiritual and social sensibilities to his melodic parties, but a carnivorous libido that has reportedly notched Carmen Electra, Kim Basinger and Madonna, combined with his impeccable sense of style, have often overshadowed these aspects of his canon.

For the average USAamerican knowing which celebrity is sexing up which other celebrity is about as exciting as the news gets. To be fair Prince's theology is probably best left in silence. One wonders if he understands his own beliefs.

Deep purple

"He would ask for juice with seven ice cubes, couldn't be more or less," recalled the manager who asked not to be identified. "And you know how you get yellow bits and white bits in popcorn he only wanted the yellow bits. And he liked his ice cream kind of runny.

You are rich, you are famous, that always breeds stories of whimsical appetites and curious tastes that you can afford and demand to be satisfied. Yours and mine might be less odd but we'd be equally strict given the chance. (Well, I would.)

Return of the Purple reign

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Glad to see Prince come back
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